There is no identification process for nationals of India and Nepal at the border crossings.  As a result, it is easy for pimps to operate.  Aware of the problem, Maiti Nepal has established 12 intervention outposts to prevent girls from being trafficked. Personnel, who have been rescued themselves, work at the border in conjunction with the police. Acting as a surveillance team, they have successfully apprehended many traffickers and thousands of vulnerable girls and women.


Maiti Nepal reaches out to the community as part of its prevention strategy. It runs a youth partnership program,  and through the use of plays, songs and information booths, it provides a forum to discuss the issue of trafficking.

‘Naani’  is a word used to address a girl with respect and the purpose of the project is to provide a female volunteer to each village development committee. Working in collaboration,  the aim is to raise awareness about gender violence, different forms of migration and human trafficking.  The project engages the entire community from farmers, parents and children, to teachers and local political leaders in an effort to significantly reduce the incidents of human trafficking.