Maiti Nepal Australia (Mother’s Home Nepal) was founded in Australia in January 2011, after a chance encounter with Anuradha Koirala in Nepal.
Ms Koirala and the director of Maiti Nepal,  Bishwo Khadka, have visited Australia on two occasions since then, to raise funds and awareness about human trafficking in Nepal and throughout the world.

The response from the Australian public has been very positive, and as a result a Rotary Australia World Community Service Project was established in 2011 to fund the Maiti Nepal Transit Home in Dhangadi, Kailali. Two Rotary matching grants have also been achieved which provided much needed assistance in the form of food, medicines, clothing, solar panels, cooking gas and security upgrades to the facility in Kathmandu.

Maiti Nepal Australia continues to support the extraordinary work of Anuradha Koirala and is proud to have contributed to the rescue and rehabilitation of over 29 000 victims of human trafficking.

For further information about our corporate partnerships, fund raising events and public information evenings regarding human trafficking and child slavery, please contact Dr Gillian Booth Yudelman at info@maitinepalaustralia.org